Our teeth work much harder than we think…

From chewing and talking to keeping our facial structure intact, our teeth fulfill an important function. However, over time, we subject them to lots of abuse. Chipped enamel, lost fillings or decay underneath a filling, and even root canal treatments can cause our teeth to lose their structural integrity. At Halton Village Dental, extraction is always the last resort. That means that – even if your teeth are weak, but your root system is intact – we’d much rather try to solve your issues by fitting a dental crown.

What are
Dental Crowns?

A dental crown is a small-cap, which is placed over a damaged tooth. It is held in place using dental cement or adhesive. Crowns are used to:

  • Correct minor issues with your natural teeth, including severe discoloration, spacing, or irregular shapes;
  • Permanently restore teeth with large fillings;
  • Or as a protective covering for fractured or badly decayed teeth.

Missing teeth impact a number of things from chewing to talking and smiling. Missing teeth can even cause your facial structure to sag and it can affect your smile.

A dental crown can add stability, strength, and durability to your damaged teeth. A properly installed crown will cover the visible surface of your damaged tooth. The aim is for a cosmetic crown to look natural.

Dental crowns are made from a variety of materials to suit your needs and preferences. They are commonly made from ceramic, plastic, or metal alloys (gold is common). In some cases, patients opt for metal and ceramic combination, which looks the most natural, and is very strong.

Installing a Dental Crown:
The Process

Crowns are usually installed across three appointments.

First dental crown appointment

Your Halton Village Dental dentist will start by doing an x-ray and thorough examination to ensure that a crown is an appropriate solution for your specific situation.

Next, preparatory work will be carried out, and your dentist will discuss your material choices with you. At this point, your dentist will address any concerns you have about your treatment sequence or any other related issues.

Second dental crown appointment

During this appointment, your dentist will prepare the teeth that will be crowned. This usually involves local anesthesia, as the tooth size will have to be reduced. This creates space for the crown to be fitted. Once that process is completed, the dentist will create a mould of the prepared tooth.

Your mould will be sent to the dental laboratory for skilled technicians to fabricate the crown. However, your dentist will install a temporary crown over the trimmed tooth.

Third dental crown appointment

At your third dental crown appointment, your dentist will remove the temporary crown and clean the tooth surfaces. The new crown created by the laboratory will now be fitted to ensure that it meets your requirements in terms of appearance, bite and fit. Once satisfied, the tooth will be cemented into place.

Although dental crowns are made from materials that are made to last, it is possible for the underlying tooth to decay over time. As with your other teeth, you might still develop gum disease.

Patients with dental crowns are warned to avoid chewing excessively hard substances, such as bones or ice that might chip or fracture the ceramic surface. Brushing and flossing on a daily basis is essential for ensuring good oral health.

Keeping the junction between your crown and tooth clean will ensure a trouble-free crown, and regular checkups can help detect any issues early enough to alleviate further deterioration.

The Halton Village Dental dentists will always perform a comprehensive dental examination to identify weak or damaged teeth before discussing any treatments.

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