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Dental Care Services

Whether you’re new to Halton, or just recently acquired new dental insurance, there are many dentists to choose from. However, it’s important to choose the one that suits your needs and you’re more than welcome to visit Halton Village Dental.

Dental Care
For the Entire Family

At Georgetown Village Dental we aim to become a partner in your family’s dental health. We are family dentistry, which means that we treat even the oldest and the very youngest of your family members. The major benefit of using family dentistry is that the same practice will track your family’s oral history, saving you time, money, and confusion when it comes to certain conditions.

Likewise, when an emergency dental situation crops up, someone who knows your family history will be able to take quick, decisive actions to resolve the issue.

General Dentistry vs. Specialty

Our practice at Halton Village Dental is made up of a group of general dentists and specialists. We offer a comprehensive range of services – from cavity and gingivitis prevention to root canals, sedation dentistry, and emergency dental care. That means that we can meet all your family’s dental needs using our coordinated care approach, and help maintain healthy, beautiful smiles for many years to come.

In addition to aesthetics, functionality and oral health are our main priorities when treating your family. We believe that cosmetic dentistry should be built on a foundation of good oral health. That’s why our team of highly qualified dentists and their support staff are highly trained in general dentistry procedures, including dental cleaning, extractions, depigmentation treatment, general recession treatment, soft tissue grafting, root canals, and implants.

It’s our goal to ensure that each patient leaves our offices with a fresh, healthy and beautiful smile. We strive to ensure that we find the best possible solution customized to your individual needs. We treat a wide range of conditions by utilizing the services below.

Preventive Care

We at Halton Village Dental believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why we spend a lot of time on patient education and providing home care advice.


Ceramic crowns are a viable solution to badly discolored or damaged teeth. They strengthen the tooth while improving the appearance of your smile at the same time. Fitted in as little as one appointment, a ceramic crown covers the entire tooth.

Porcelain Veneers

Veneers improve the appearance of the teeth while protecting the surface of your teeth. Unlike crowns, veneers are placed over the front of the tooth, rather than over the whole tooth.

Dental implants

Dental implants are used for both health and cosmetic reasons and play an important role in reconstructive dentistry. From facial prostheses to dentures, braces, bridges, crowns, and orthodontic anchors, our cosmetic dentists will help restore your smile.

In addition to the services above, our team is highly trained in family dentistry and skilled in treating nervous patients. We understand the discomfort that comes with tooth pain and missing teeth.

We also offer emergency dental care. Do not hesitate to seek urgent emergency dental care if you are faced with a dental emergency:

  • Trauma to the mouth or face
  • Severe toothache or bleeding
  • Broken jaw or tooth
  • Lost crown or dental filling

Halton Village Dental
Dental Care Services

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