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Mercury-Free Dentistry

We live in a world where we constantly face exposure to harmful chemicals.

It’s in the air we breathe. These days, many people try to minimize the toxins to which they are exposed, and opt for mercury-free dentistry instead.

Amalgam fillings have been found to be unsafe by a number of studies. Although some sources have stated that the amount of mercury in a filling is negligible, the fact remains that once placed in the teeth, amalgam is no longer a stable metal. For as long as it remains in the mouth, it releases a mercury vapor, adding to the naturally-occuring mercury already in your body.

If you were only exposed to the mercury in your filling, that would not be a problem, but there’s more in the environment. In large amounts, mercury is a neurotoxin, which can have life-threatening effects on your wellbeing. In large amounts, mercury can lead to:

  • Distorted nerve responses
  • Weak muscles
  • Loss of vision
  • And behavioural changes.

In excess, mercury can cause kidney and respiratory failure.

Although the effects of mercury concentrate causes persistent harm to your body, it may go unnoticed. However, developing fetuses are more susceptible to these toxic effects. Mercury has been shown to cause neurological damage to newborns.

Likewise, amalgam fillings can harm your teeth. In order to place a silver amalgam filling with the necessary support, your dentist has to remove some healthy tooth structure. That causes your natural tooth to become weaker.

When the amalgam expands, it can cause the tooth to crack. It can therefore lead to further decay after being placed. Likewise, with consistent use, the amalgam continues to gradually wedge deeper into the tooth due to consistent use.

What is
Mercury-Free Dentistry?

Many patients are not aware of the fact that amalgam – or silver – fillings can contain up to 55 percent mercury. This is a frustrating fact for people who wish to live a more healthy lifestyle, but need fillings. Thankfully, Halton Village Dental is a mercury-free dentistry. That means that we are committed to providing our precious patients with options that can restore their teeth without the harmful effects of mercury.

At Halton Village Dental, we offer mercury free dentistry options that do not leach harmful toxins into your body. Composite resin or glass ionomer fillings are healthier for your body and for the environment. Additionally, because they are tooth colored, they are less noticeable.

Our glass ionomer and composite resin fillings are reinforced to make them last for many years.

The major benefit of glass ionomer and composite resin fillings is that they both require less surface area to adhere. That means that we don’t have to remove as much of the tooth structure. Therefore, your tooth remains naturally strong.

When we apply fillings at our mercury-free dentistry, we do not expect them to cause your teeth to crack due to wedging. Although these fillings are very strong, they also have malleable properties similar to bone. That means they can take some pressure without harming your other teeth.

When you’re concerned about your well being and the environment, and you want beautiful, strong, and healthy fillings, speak to Halton Village Dental about our mercury-free dentistry options. Our mercury-free fillings are the best option if you want something that is safe for your family and for your environment, and we offer similarly safe materials for all dental work and full-mouth restorations.

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