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Digital X-Rays

Digital x-rays are computer-generated images.

Digital x-rays are an important tool in the early diagnosis and treatment of dental issues that are not yet visible to the naked eye. From the early stages of tooth decay to abscesses, gum disease, and abnormal growths, this powerful technology has helped prevent untold pain and saved millions of teeth since it became available a century ago. Although the initial x-rays were dangerous, modern digital x-rays are much safer and even more beneficial.

We do recommend digital x-rays for all new patients, and on occasion, for existing patients too. Digital x-rays help us track the progression of conditions in diagnosed patients and it is even more beneficial and safer than before.

When your dentist prescribes digital x-rays, a small electronic sensor will be placed inside your mouth. Once captured, the image will be called upon the screen.

Advantages of
Digital X-Rays

Before digital x-rays, we had traditional x-ray films that required chemical processing. However, at Halton Village Dental learned that digital x-rays offer many benefits over the traditional film, in that it reduces a patient’s radiation exposure by up to 90%.

In addition to minimizing radiation exposure, there are many other advantages to digital x-rays for patients and dentists alike. Using digital x-rays means:

No chemicals and no wait: Digital x-rays don’t u8se film, which means that there’s no need to wait for it to develop. Likewise, there are no toxic chemicals involved. The dentist can immediately see the pictures on the computer and show them to you in order to inform a treatment plan.

Better quality images: Digital x-rays are sharper and because they can be enhanced, your dentist can obtain more information about your oral health. Using special software, your dentist can increase and decrease the size, exposure, and contrast of the images and magnify areas of concern. Another important benefit is the fact that images can be compared to previous x-rays in order to track changes.

Easier storage and sharing: Digital x-rays can quickly and easily be captured, stored, viewed, and shared. This also means that they are less likely to be misplaced.

Although digital technology has drastically reduced the risks of x-rays, it has not eliminated them completely. X-rays use deeply penetrating radiation in order to scan the body’s tissues. There is a minute possibility that this could cause cellular changes that might lead to disease in the future.

Our daily environment is awash with radiation, such as the sun, which can also lead to disease. However, despite the drastically reduced level of exposure, there is still the cumulative effect of can occur when you combine x-rays with environmental sources of radiation. Still, your wellbeing is our number one priority, and therefore, we only use them when the benefit outweighs the minute risk.

At Halton Village Dental, we are all about improving the experience and outcomes of our patients, and therefore, digital x-rays are our chosen diagnostic imaging too. It reduces the waste materials involved in traditional x-ray technology while providing us with better images, faster. It is an important ‘green’ feature in our office.

Speak to your dentist today about any concerns you have about digital x-rays.

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