Do’s and Don’ts After Dental Filling

A lot of people think that getting a dental filling allows them to immediately go back to normal after having a cavity. That’s understandable, especially if a cavity causes pain or prevents you from eating your favorite foods.

However, you need to rethink that because there are some things you should and shouldn’t do immediately after getting a filling.

What You Should Do

Some things can help you keep your filling from failing. You don’t have to commit to a lifestyle change but these things should be done for at least a few days after you have your filling.

A key thing is to eat soft foods for a few days after you get your filling. This allows time for it to settle into your tooth and harden more. Foods like mashed potatoes, puddings, gelatin, oatmeal, smoothies, pasta, scrambled eggs, and similar foods should be on your personal menu.

Another thing to do is to quit smoking. Smoking and using tobacco products can affect your filling. Smoking causes you to suck in and that could pull out a filling. Tobacco products are unhealthy anyway but using them can cause your filling to fail.

Brush your teeth as normal after getting a filling. Brush gently with a soft-bristled toothbrush twice a day. Don’t forget to floss daily either. Keeping the area around the filling clean will go a long way to keeping it from failing after the procedure.

Those who have problems with grinding and clenching their teeth should get a night guard or other device to help avoid the habit for a while. Clenching and grinding put a lot of pressure on teeth and could cause pain in the filled tooth. It could also cause a filling to chip or crack.

Things to Avoid

There are far more things to avoid doing after getting a filling installed than there are things you should do.

A lot of the recommendations involve what foods to avoid. You should avoid things like hard or crunchy foods, extremely hot and cold foods, and sticky foods like hard candies. Caramels, taffy, potato or tortilla chips, popcorn, and tougher meats are some of the foods you should avoid for a while.

Avoid using straws. Dentists will tell you this after most dental procedures. The sucking involved in using a straw can pull the filling out. You can use straws after a couple of weeks when the filling has fully settled.

You also avoid chewing gum. It is too sticky and can pull out a new filling.

Other things to avoid are acidic or sugary drinks like orange juice or sodas. These can cause damage to the tooth with the filling.

The Time for Fillings to Set

The type of material you use determines how long it takes for a filling to set. the amalgam fillings, which are rarely used now, typically could set in 24 hours. Some fillings can be set while you are in the dental office.

However, other materials can take longer. Fillings to put into cavity pits can be made of ceramic or porcelain and metals like gold.

Ceramic or porcelain are the most common type of fillings today because they are durable and match the natural color of the tooth.

The recommendation is typically to allow at least three or four days to set before getting back into your normal eating and drinking routine. Even then, ease back into your normal life gently to ensure your new filling isn’t affected.

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