Can I eat after a dental cleaning?

December 1, 2022by Halton Village Dental

You just got a dental cleaning and your mouth feels great. You keep rubbing your tongue against the insides of your teeth because they feel so smooth. You love the feeling. The question is would eating ruin the cleaning you just had done?

The truth is you have to eat sometime whether it’s a few minutes after cleaning or three hours. Yes, it’s okay to eat after a dental cleaning but most dentists will tell wait at least 20 minutes. That allows the treatment to attach to the enamel on your teeth. The real question is what should you eat? Some foods may cause tooth sensitivity.

What to Eat

Those who just emerge from a dental cleaning may have a few mouth issues that make eating certain things unpleasant. Your teeth and gums may be sensitive from all the scaling and some planing. Your guns may be somewhat separated from your teeth if you had a deep cleaning done.

Dental patients often have sore gums after a regular dental cleaning. You also may be suffering the after-effects of anesthesia if you had sedation therapy. Deep cleanings sometimes require an anesthetic so it may be best to have someone take you home to sleep for a while.

All of this should play into what you eat.

Most dentists will tell you to be wary of foods that are extreme in any way. That means foods that are extremely hot or cold, spicy or acidic. All of these types of foods may cause pain because of tooth or gum sensitivity.

Foods that are acceptable to eat after are milder foods like pudding or gelatin, sandwiches, bananas, cheese, potatoes, rice, and pretty much any meat that isn’t too hard to chew. Most vegetables are fine to eat too.

Dental Cleaning Aftercare

Some dental cleanings can be harder on your teeth than others. It depends on how much tartar and plaque build-up you have and how the hygienist or dentist performs. Some are more gentle than others.

Those who have diseases like gingivitis or periodontal disease may not want to head straight to the buffet. Your gums may still be bleeding or sore. Don’t rinse your mouth for 24 hours and this could cause you to bleed more.

Patients who have pain medication from their dentist will also want to look at the information booklet to see if there are any restricted foods.

After Effects of Cleanings

Dental cleanings are safe and effective. It’s normal to see some minor blood in your salvia right after a cleaning. Minor bleeding can happen up to two days after a cleaning. Just avoid hot foods if you have some bleeding. This type of bleeding should stop after a couple of days.

Be gentle when you brush and floss for a couple of days. You may not feel like it but do it anyway. Be aware of any unusual tooth or gum pain and have your dentist look at it if it continues.

Teeth cleanings are generally an experience most people feel good about. It helps keep bacteria off your teeth and makes your mouth feel wonderful. Following a proper home maintenance plan afterward will continue the feeling.