What can damage your teeth?

December 29, 2022by Halton Village Dental

People don’t often think about what they put their teeth through. They chew food and, perhaps other things they shouldn’t, and drink beverages without realizing that teeth can be damaged by some terrible habits.

Certain habits can put too much stress on teeth, causing them to fracture. Other habits can cause tooth decay and that will put you in a terrible position in your later years. Getting rid of some bad habits now will help save your teeth.

There are eight bad habits that many people do that ruin their teeth.

Brushing Too Hard

People who brush their teeth too hard aren’t trying to hurt their teeth. They think that a strong brushing arm will get rid of tartar and plaque. However, being too aggressive in your brushing habit can hurt your tooth enamel and your gums. Damaging tooth enamel will increase your risk for cavities and irritates your gums can result in them receiving and leading to gingivitis.

Brushing Too Hard


A constant snacker will have an increased risk for cavities. Snacking leaves food debris in your mouth all day and that gives bacteria a chance to attack teeth and grow. Some of the snacking problems are what you eat too. Most people snack on things that aren’t great for their teeth or body like potato chips, candy, soda, and similar things. These sugary, starchy things bring in food for bacteria too since bacteria feed on sugars and starches.

You can offset the problems this can cause by improving the types of snacks you eat. Things like apples, celery, carrots, nuts, and raisins are all foods that are good for your teeth.

These are types of food that will naturally scrub your teeth as well as give you lots of vitamins and nutrients that are good for both your teeth and the rest of your body.

Eating and Drinking Sugary Stuff

While we’re on the subject of sugar, drinking sugary beverages and eating sugary foods hurts your overall oral health. Sugar activates tooth decay so a heavy allotment of it should be avoided. Eating a dessert with a meal can cut the risk because you have extra saliva produced during the meal to help wash it away. Also, drink water or milk with sugary items to help wash away particles.

Eating and Drinking Sugary Stuff

Be sure to look at the label of the beverages you buy. Even fruit juices that are labeled “natural” can have tons of sugar in them. That will be listed on the label.

Tea is a mixed bag. Black and green teas are beneficial for teeth, especially if you forget the sugar you can add. However, typical tea served at most restaurants doesn’t have the same benefits. That is especially true for sweet tea. That’s the same as drinking other sugary drinks.

Using Tobacco Products

All forms of tobacco products are bad for your teeth and mouth. Both cigarettes and smokeless tobacco stain your teeth and can cause periodontal disease. They can cause tooth decay and tooth loss over time. Tobacco products can cause oral and throat cancer.

Tobacco can cause bad breath, cancer on your tongue, and painful mouth lesions. It is one habit that should stop now.


Chewing on Things

Some people have bad habits of chewing on things like pens, pencils, and their fingernails. They may do this out of a nervous habit or while concentrating. Even so, this habit can damage your teeth. These objects put a lot of stress on your teeth which can result in pain and even cracking.

Methods exist to help you stop these habits. There is a chemical that you can put on your nails to stop you from chewing. It can also be put on pencils and pens.

Another option is to dip your pencils and pen tips in hot sauce. That way, you will be aware of it when you put it in your mouth. That will help you break the habit.

Using Teeth as Openers

Some will use their teeth as opening tools. They bite on a package to open it and will even use their teeth to open a bottle! This isn’t a good use for your teeth and will result in damage.

The primary reason people do this is out of convenience. They don’t want to take time to find the right tool to open a package or bottle. The time spent to find the proper tool is worth it because it saves your teeth.

Grinding and Clenching Teeth

Some clench or grind their teeth out of stress or anxiety. This often happens at night while they are sleeping but can happen during the day as well if something happens to upset them.

Grinding and clenching your teeth will cause them to wear down. Those who do this should find different ways of handling stress or perhaps get a nightguard to protect their teeth.

Failing to Use Mouthguards

A lot of young people play sports. Some disregard instructions to wear mouthguards. They don’t like them or find them uncomfortable. However, a mouthguard protects your teeth in physical contact sports and should always be used.

We often don’t think about our daily habits and how they affect our teeth. Yet, some habits can seriously damage teeth and cause other oral health problems. Changing these habits will help ensure your teeth will help you enjoy the food your love and give you a great smile for a long time.

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